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Before you want to Postpone or Cancel your Event.

In regards to Quinceañeras, Parents of Quinceañeras, Brides, Grooms, Coordinators, Venues and all Vendors. 

Ok so here’s my take on all of this. I know that I might be too forward for some people but I like to tell it like it is as much as I can. I do love communication, it’s the best way to make clear my actions and intentions. So here we go…

The rest of 2020, 2021 and some of 2020 is going to be a lot like it is now for the Hospitality Industry. We may not want to say this in fear of estranging our clientele but there it is. It’s frightening to say such a thing because we don’t want to cancel or postpone any events. It’s especially scary because we think we don’t have any solutions to our times and the only thing we have is what we knew. We do have solutions!

We are so reluctant to change but change we must if we are to have any type of joy and normalcy in our lives. That goes for Vendors in the Industry as well as everyone else.

If I am to enjoy Life and all that it has to offer then I might need to change my expectations.

I’m not saying to lower my expectations but have a different perspective. There are new exciting creative ideas to have your Wedding or Special day during these times of our Wonderful Life. 

I need to be receptive to these ideas and release my inhibitions from the past so that I may enjoy what’s before me.

We Hospitality Agents are in the business to offer guidance and support to our clients.

Our Clients came to us Pre March 2020 and we had the solutions and now our clients come to us Post March 2020 and we still should have solutions on how to go forward in a fun, safe manner of protocols. 

Let’s do this!

Robert Guerra



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