Annual Quinceañera Catrina
Fashion Showcase

The Dia de los Muertos Quinceañera Catrina Fashion Showcase is a unique concept for a Venue Expo that not only promotes the venue, vendors and event services but also incorporates a competition in celebration of a beautiful cultural tradition. The fashion show features a minimum of fifteen (10) Quinceañera Catrina models that are all wearing elaborate Quinceañera Dresses while competing in various categories including, yet not limited, to Catrina hair, make-up and accessories. In addition, vendors can display and promote the products and services they provide.


Quince Presentation Cadets

Performing Live Top Royal Cadets as they demonstrate the smooth moves and educate how a social distance routine can be performed.

Fashion Showcase

Quinceañera Girls will wear their dresses with fun and classic Catrina makeup and hair as they walk the runway to highlight the Quince Dress Fashion Designer Enrique D Altamirano


Come and experience delicious food tasting from some to top caterers in North Texas.

Catrina Makeup

Anis Beauty MakeUp & Hair will be onsite to apply Catrina Makeup. Then register for the Best Catrina Costume Contest!

Palm Reading

Do you dare to know the future come and have our palm read to see what’s in store for you!

Lots of Fun!!!

Costume Contest

Open to the public.

Come in your Quinceañera Dress with your best Catrina MakeUp and you could be the Winner!


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